All This AND it’s Affordable?

Affordable?  Really?

As you can imagine, this is – without a doubt – the most common question we get.  And for good reason.  I know, I know… I can hear her too – your Mom telling you that “if it’s too good to be true… it probably is”  And she was right – 99.9% of the time that is very good advice.

But when we decided to develop this system, we really wanted to find a way to deal with one of the industry’s biggest complaints – ridiculous software costs.  But, we had to do it in a way that we could pay the programmers, keep the lights on and yes, hopefully make a little too.

That’s when we had an epiphany. (Cue Angels singing…)

The Subsidized-Subscription Model.

Our epiphany… is so simple it’s beautiful.  Simply put… Leverage industry mass.  It was so cool we had to come up with a cool name for it – “The Subsidized Subscription Model”

You see, we (Corporate Housing) are not a huge industry, so mass selling the software one-by-one just isn’t profitable enough for anyone to undertake the task – and spend literally hundreds-of-thousands of dollars it takes to develop, deploy and support GREAT software like this.

But, we (Corporate Housing Providers) all DO have one very common trait… we accept credit cards.  And, most of us process large ticket credit card purchases, in the form of rent.

So we thought… If we could make a deal with a credit card processing company – and get them to kickback some margin to us in exchange for bringing them a ton of business… (without running the processing rate up) then maybe we could subsidize the cost of the software and actually keep the cost of the subscription as low as possible.

Now THAT would be cool.

So we did.

Here’s How It Works.

It’s magic.   Nah… Just kidding…

CASA Genesis is what the software industry calls “SAAS” – Which stands for “Software As A Service”

Basically, our software is based upon a monthly subscription cost.  That is where we start the process.  Even at FULL PRICE, our system is totally worth it, and will absolutely transform the way you do business. And in doing so, it will change your life!

But, in order to provide it for the least we can to you – the user, we take the margin we make from processing your monthly credit cards to subsidize the monthly price.  PLUS, we try as hard as possible to keep your credit card processing cost the same (or lower) than you are paying now. As a matter-of-fact, our rates are FLAT RATES – meaning that you will always know what your paying.  No more getting that credit card processing statement and then spending a day decoding it.

Plus – the day-to-day business savings and increased profitability you will realize from a far more efficient operation will go a long way in totally erasing the cost of the software in the first place.

Now the best part, we decided to actually become the Credit Card processing agency so… our rate is AWESOME – which means most of the time you will not see any increase in what you are paying now to process credit cards… in some cases we can actually reduce the cost, making the software a win-win for everyone involved!

Boom. (Drop Mic)