What Is It?

We are SUCH a tease!   Here are just a few of the elements that make up CASA Genesis…  🙂

Community Detail Data Pane

Market, Community & Unit Performance

Spectrum Analysis

Housekeeping Schedule and Mobile Updates

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Our Story

Over 15 years ago, we went looking for software to run our brand new Corporate Housing business. After not finding a suitable solution, (or even one we could afford) we decided to learn everything we could about Relational Database Systems and develop our own software.

We continuously improved upon the software, adding features and processes to it making each version better than the previous – All to just run our own little company.

One day, a friend of ours (an industry peer) was in our office and saw the software.  Not recognizing it, and duly impressed, he asked where he could get it for his own business.

After we explained that it wasn’t for sale – that it had been developed specifically for our company, the friend strongly suggested that we look into providing it to the industry.

He was right.  So we did.

Dashboard Driven

Casa Genesis is centered around the concept that each position in your company has specific duties to accomplish, and providing a means to effectively manage those important duties will make your team more productive, your company more professional and your bottom line more profitable.

To do that, we have created Dashboards for each position in a typical Corporate Housing company.  For example, The Guest Services dashboard (shown here) focuses on those tasks that the Guest Services Manager or associate would need to accomplish; like guest interaction and communication, work orders, sending move-in instructions or checking on Guests to make sure everything is perfect.

Built From The Ground-Up — To The Cloud

After years of building and testing, we started all over again.  Our software isn’t like anything you have ever seen in the industry, because we took our hard-learned lessons from 15 years of Corporate Housing, and ideas from industry leaders.  We cleared the deck, and started at the beginning.

We developed a system that has one, single, focused purpose.  To efficiently run every aspect of your Corporate Housing business.