We are SUCH a tease!   Here are just a few of the elements that make up CASA Genesis…  🙂

Community Detail Data Pane

Market, Community & Unit Performance

Spectrum Analysis

Housekeeping Schedule and Mobile Updates

Manage Your ENTIRE Company With These


  • Cloud Based
    • Built on Microsoft’s Azure System
    • Enterprise Level Performance and Security
    • Guaranteed 99.99% Uptime
    • Access System Anywhere, on Any Device
  • Configurable To Your Way of Business
    • You Have Complete Control Over Major Variables
  • DataVault Secured Account
    • Your Data is in its Own Database, Not Commingled With Other Company’s
  • Smart Data Entry
    • Automatically Collect Data from Clients or Guests via Web Forms
    • Employee Field Data Updates the System Automatically
    • Enter Your Data Once
  • Dashboard Driven Content
    • Employees See What is Most Important to Them
    • Management Sees In-Depth Data to Base Sound Decisions
  • Predictive Intelligent Forecasting
    • Our Proprietary Algorithms Use Historical Data and Known Future Values
    • Effectively Shape Your Inventory and Effort
  • Real-Time Fleet Tracking*
    • Increase Operations Efficiency
    • Decrease Service Call Response Time
  • Real-Time Field Data Integration
    • Is That Unit Clean?
    • Is That Workorder Complete?
    • Know What is Ready, Right Now

*Coming Soon

  • Share Inventory with Partners You Select*
    • No More eMails Back and Forth, Waiting For Answers
    • Get Availability in a Matter of Seconds, not Hours
    • Leverage a Nation of Partners and Their Sales Teams
    • Set Tiered Prices
    • Totally Control Visibility, “Who” can see “What” or…
    • Completely Turn it Off if You Don’t Want To Participate
  • Re-Imagined Guest Experience – Via the Guest Portal
    • Manage the Complete Guest Experience In One Virtual Office
      • Sales and Reservations
      • Sign Leases and Other Documents
      • Communicate With Guest Services
      • Give Notices
      • … Plus More!
  • On-Board Form Processing
    • Generate any Form You Want For Electronic Signature
    • Electronically Sign Your Paperwork
    • Automatically Updates System
  • On-Board, Integrated Checklists
    • Housekeeping
    • Operations
  • Manage Work Orders
    • Efficiently Track Work Orders, Control Costs
    • Recover Lost Revenue by Billing for Work if Applicable
  • Responsive Task and Event Setting
    • System Automatically Sets Tasks Based On Events
  • Integrated Billing and Revenue Management System
    • Seamless Credit Card Processing, Low Fixed Rates
    • Supports Billing by Day or Night

 You’ll be amazed at what you don’t know about your own company!

CASA Genesis is a Cloud based software program that was developed by Corporate Housing providers for Corporate Housing providers.

Over 15 years of development and operation experience have gone into making CASA Genesis practically everything you need to manage your business.

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